is coming…

🦁 NOW ONLY £88 🦁

It’s not a course. It’s not a class. It’s not time. And it’s not money.

So my darling, what exactly are you buying?


The kinda power that puts a fire in your belly, expands your heart, opens your eyes, your mind, and accelerates your potential.

The kinda power that bends time and manufactures money in the same way mumma Earth bends the seasons and makes it rain.

The kinda power that runs deep into your Soul, into the very core of your essence, and sits… silent, strong, knowing.

The kinda power that I’ve been channeling from Source recently and have been called to share with you in a “transmission” on the August 8th Lionsgate Portal 🦁💫🔥

Ladies… I think it’s time we had a conversation with God about what we’re REALLY asking for.

For a lot of us, we’re forever chasing the rainbow of money and time. A distant horizon which seems to move further away every time we get closer.

We’ve been dangling carrots for too long now. Justifying our desires and wants. Trying to make ourselves “worthy” of what already sits in our hearts.

We’re women fighting to defend our self respect in a predominantly mans world.

It’s time we stopped fighting. And started receiving.

And I think we get to let God weigh in on this conversation.


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