We’re celebrating…

life & being greater than the shit that threatens to hold us down!


Join me until the end of the year in every class + course I release from now until Dec 31st 2023 (likely to include but subject to surprise additions + changes):

💚 Empress of Influence – A masterclass in finding your voice and using it without fear

🔥 The Edit – New Course. Details coming soon!

👑 Offer Queen– New Course. How to create offers that have people drooling and yelling “I’m IN” before you’ve even dropped the link!

👁 Unseen Numerology – Brand new course, coming Autumn 2023!

🌹 Priestess Numerology (revised + updated) – The secret power of numbers. Learn the language of the Universe & understand how Source communicates with you!

💫 The Impossible Dream – Master shadow work, energetic intelligence, alignment and manifestation Ask H style!

💖Queen Aphrodite The RETURN – A fairy tale upgrade to single life and relationships

💰 MONEY – The biggest Money Programme of my career! Details coming soon!

💙Lovers  –  the brand new masterclass on how to speak to men!

🦋 Sisters – Masterclass. Details coming soon!

💰 Ca$h B00$t – Masterclass. Details coming soon!

💋 Wild & Wealthy – Course. Details coming soon!

👁 The Witness (revised + updated) – Release your ego and reimagine your identity in this shape-shifting masterclass (existential crisis included!)

Value: £10,000+

Party Price: £3333 (am I mad?!)

(to fan the flames of your HOTness + make em ROAR!)

💚 Empress of Influence – The masterclass on finding your voice and using it without fear.

🏆 Holy Grail -Terrorises the patriarchy and unlock the power of the holy grail that sits in your pelvis. This is a reclamation of your Sovereignty, your femininity, & your magnetism!

🔥 Class Act – How to elegantly win every challenge with grace, dignity and unshakeable faith

💫 Turning Heads – Harness your human design to craft a truly magnetic brand and watch the clients come running

Value: £1776

Party Price: £777


To all my numerology nerds who are also completely unfiltered in your obsession with this work!!

💙 Receptive Numerology – Go from clueless to clued-up when it comes to understanding messages from the Universe, with the Receptive Numerology Masterclass.

🌹 Priestess Numerology – The secret power of numbers. Learn the language of the Universe & understand how Source communicates with you!

👁 UNSEEN Numerology (brand new) – unlock 5 new numbers in your chart, coming soon!

Value: £2443

Party Price: £1555


A bundle of money classes which pays for itself!

💰 Ca$h B00$t (new masterclass coming soon)

⚡️ Fast Energy Fast Cash – The one on moving your energy quickly (using the 10 energy bodies) to manifest cash in the bank. Includes some of my fastest sales strategies too.

🔥 100k Masterclass – Supercharge your sales months (all the way to 100k!) with my signature, sell-out course packed with insider secrets

🥳 How to make $$$ Doing Sweet FA – For down days without the down sales

💫 MORE Money Bundle – Unlock Divine abundance codes and discover how to magnify your finances the Priestess way.

🤩 Includes a £444 voucher to use towards the next big MONEY course from Ask H (announcing later this year)

Value: £853+

Party Price: £444

(use the total amount towards the BIG MONEY course later this year)


(limited to 1 per person)

Party Price: £111

For any masterclass of your choice (not current or future ones, but choose from any that are now completed)

Party Price: £666

For any course of your choice (not including MORE, MCM, The Turn ON or Numerology)


The entire Queendom Collection, including:

💰 Money Queen – Rebellious money rules for the ready-to-be-rich

👑 Sales Queen – Quantum leap your sales game without cheesy sales tactics and labour-intensive launches

💙 Content Queen – Master algorithms and authenticity in the ultimate content crash course

💋 Offer Queen (coming soon) – How to create offers that have people drooling and yelling “I’m IN” before you’ve even dropped the link!

🩸Blood Queen – Tune into your body and transform your bleed into manifestation magic

⏳Queen of Time – Free yourself from the illusion of time and release it from your tired excuses

💰 Queen of the Coffers – Get to grips with financial literacy fast (and some clever tips along the way …)

💖 Mama Queen – Leadership, paradigm-creation, business and parenting for mothers of every stripe

🔥 The Comeback Queen – A powerful antidote to the illusion of powerlessness. When life knocks you down, this one picks you right back up

🕊 Command Your Queendom – Lessons in going from swamped to sovereign, for martyrs who want to be QUEENS

💙 Queen Aphrodite – A fairy tale upgrade to single life and relationships💖

Value: £10,000+

£5555 (apparently still mad)


Join us for a whole year in the best membership on the internet!

Daily trainings. Weekly coaching. An archive to make you DROOL! And a devoted sisterhood who are all in it together, doubling down on our 10x growth, all whilst doing less!

Usually: £1888

Party Price: £1555 


For those of you who have forgotten who you are and need a reminder of your power, your brilliance, and what TF to do with the crumbling you find yourself in.

You are the comeback queen!!

Usually: £222

Party Price: £111


Feminine Energetics Manifested through Masculine Evolution

The infamous life changing 3 hour crash course on the 10 energy bodies, the subconscious mind, transforming your identity + realigning your power. The class that inspired the sequel: The FEMME world tour!

Usually: £1111

Party Price: £333

In celebration of our 3rd wedding anniversary…


 -The brand new masterclass on how to speak to men!

Will be: £444

Party Price: £88 (pre-sale will be £222)


A brand new module inside M.O.R.E. 3.0 on Energy Body 2 mastery and becoming “The Seductress”.

Access to the single module as an exclusive one time only offer: £222

Only included in M.O.R.E. (Not included in The MINI One or The ONE)

Party Price: £222

Brand new to Ask H! Since the development of the Unseen Numerology pieces and the creation of the brand new Liberation Maps, I’ve created a way to “see” inside someone’s energy deeper than ever before.

By drawing couples charts I’m able to see how you and your lover best communicate, most trigger each other, require healing + growth, AND, better yet, I can teach you HOW to speak to his or her specific energetic blueprint to help you connect on a whole other level of depth + intimacy. If you’ve ever wanted to figure out HOW to get the best out of your person, this is your answer!

These insights are mind blowingly accurate, so liberating, and are to my knowledge, the ONLY personalised relationship communication tool out there on the internet!

For a limited time only: £999

Includes 1 day coaching on telegram + delivery of your chart insights via audio voice note. Please note this is NOT a full liberation map reading. This is specific to your relationship. I will require both yours, and your persons, date of birth.

Party Price: £999


For all “The Bestie” + “The Wife” packages of 3 months or longer, Liberation Maps and an unlimited number of Couples Chart Readings are included as standard. You can use these to help navigate your personal, professional, platonic, client + team relationships, to help you understand how best to speak to different people, how best to use your own energy to get the best out of them, and also to uncover the challenges you’ll face in your relationship before the Universe delivers them like a smack upside the head 🤪! Best to stay ahead of the game in times like these, don’t you think?! Smart moves.